The game
The game is simple, destroy enemy ships by landing on their heads, earn points by picking up the alien once it has been ejected from its ship. But watch out they can also land on your ship.

Watch out for the green ones.. they are out to get you!!

See how far you can get up the high score table!

A =Left
D = Right
W = Thrust

Or Xbox controller
Left thumbstick for left and right
A = Thrust

The developer
I am currently a team of one and this is the first game I've ever managed to finish (so go easy on me :) ). I've been attempting to develop games for many years but have never managed to get any of my projects to the finishing line. Hopefully this will be the first of many!!

Release date Sep 30, 2018
Made withUnity, Inkscape,
Tags2D, Aliens, Arcade, Casual, joust, Retro, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller

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